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Company / R&D

GB Medical Devices was established in 1988 as a University spin-off.

RGB Medical Devices was established in 1988 as a University spin-off.   Amongst the different pioneering devices manufactured by the company is the Baricontrol.  This device was designed for B.Braun Infusion pumps Manufacturer to be used in clinical operations and intensive care units. It is used for arterial blood pressure regulation with an automatic delivery of vasoactive drugs and became the first robotic device to provide automatic medical assistance, with comparable and stable performance as compared to trained medical personnel.

Since 1992, RGB has moved into the Vital Signs Medical field with a wide range family of vital signs multiparameter monitoring products for OR and ICU. RGB paricipates yearly in several International Fairs, such as MEDICA or ESA.

In the last years, RGB has incorporated a broad number of new products and monitors, that cover the whole range of Vital Signs monitoring and Infusion Pumps in a typical hospital environment. Our products are currently deployed in more than 2000 hospitals all over the world. From initial product design through pre-market clinical tests, all our products meet applicable standards of performance, reliability and durability.  RGB has signed commercial OEM agreements with companies like Spacelabs, Palco and Philips for worldwide distribution.

More recently, RGB has launched a new system for NMT (NeuroMuscular Transmission) monitor called TOF-Cuff that has gained immediate acceptance among anesthesiologist in Europe for its Easy of Use and Reliability in performance. 

In the telemedicine sector, RGB is pioneering the development of innovative products and concepts, as part of his involvement in research EU funded projects within the VII framework , with strategic alliances developing advanced solutions  and business proposals in the hospital and home-care domains.