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Within the INNPACTO program to support and enhance the independence of the user.

File number: PT-2011-1194-900000

The project VITALITY had as principal aim the development of a platform capable of capturing the information of several  not intruding sensors, for the monitoring and follow-up of patients with chronic diseases.

The general aim of the project VITALITY was double: 

  • On the one hand, to develop a (mediating) broker between the great quantity and typology of information coming from the sensors as they monitor and provide information  about the the context in which the person is (body and environment) and  the plurality of the applications (fundamentally orientated to the health and the well-being) that the user can use as support, help or assistance in his/her daily life. 
  • On the other side, to develop a set of assistive applications for the person, accessible in mobility, and that may use this broker to request about the information they need to process to provide the services that they contain.