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Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems

RGB Medical Devices participates in the AQUAS project as use case provider of an infusion pump controller for the regulation of vital signs.

The AQUAS project investigates the challenges arising from the inter-dependence of safety, security and performance of systems and aims at efficient solutions for the entire product life-cycle within three essential capabilities of the ECSEL JU MASRIA 2016: Design Technologies (DT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and European Asset Protection (EAP). The project builds on knowledge of partners gained in current or former EU projects and will demonstrate the newly conceived approaches across use cases spanning:

  • Space
  • Medicine
  • Transport
  • Industrial Control

AQUAS will aid the technological progress required to provide solutions capable of meeting the challenges of the ever increasing complexity of the systems we engineer in modern society, which includes facing the convergence between embedded world and open world. This complexity creates increasing difficulties, particularly for safety critical systems such as the transportation, space, medical and industrial control domains. Meeting the continuously growing requirements on security and performance, while maintaining safety, requires a coordinated engineering approach. Such a coordinated engineering approach, making available leading edge design for Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) technologies, will increase the competitiveness of key European industrial domains.

AQUAS will support the objectives of the ECSEL JU MASRIA 2016 of keeping Europe at the forefront of the technology development and securing and strengthening the commanding position in design and systems engineering. This will be done by providing solutions for a holistic approach to Safety/Security/Performance Co-Engineering (CE) through a domain-flexible framework, supporting the entire Product Life-cycle (PLC). These solutions need to be pulled into mainstream development, with one supporting factor being our aforementioned wide domain coverage and another key point being our strong contribution to Standards Evolution (SE).  These three points, co-engineering, product life-cycle and standards evolution represent the three core goals on which our objectives and work will be founded.